No Ragrets

John Daly giving advice to his younger self went EXACTLY how you'd expect

One thing you can always say about John Daly is that he will change for no one. He has been himself and only himself for essentially his entire life. Sure, he tried a diet or two here and there. Maybe tried to clean himself up. None of it ever lasted and he's still here, still kicking, still livin'. There is a beauty in that.

The real beauty in it is that Daly is perfectly fine with it. He does not have a single regret, even if you think he should have a LOT of them. 

That mentality was on full display in this A+ experiment from the PGA Tour Champions social media team, which came up with an idea to show a bunch of the old pros a picture of themselves from long ago. They got each guy's initial reaction to the photo, asked them if they could figure out what year the photo was taken in, and then asked if there would be any advice they'd give to their younger self. Daly's answer to that question was exactly the answer you'd expect.  

"Nothing," Daly said. "He don't listen anyway."

Here's the full clip, which also features legends like Ernie Els, Darren Clarke and, of course, Boo Weekley. Hot DOG!

Exquisite stuff. Boo always the star, Daly, too. But we also very much enjoyed Alex Cejka's self-deprecation: