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Listen to Tiger Woods turn down Scott Van Pelt's podcast invite to work on his short game

January 15, 2020

Stuart Franklin

You gotta give Scott Van Pelt credit for being able to get Tiger Woods on the phone. Getting the 15-time major champ to come on a podcast, though? That's a different story.

For the second time, the SportsCenter host attempted to corral the Big Cat—who is the white whale of the podcast community—for a phone interview. And for the second time, SVP was politely turned down. Here was the short, but humorous exchange between the two friends:

SVP: "TW!"

TIGER: "Hey SVP, I'd love to help, but today's a big short game day, and I think you remember the last podcast you called me out of the blue. . ."

SVP: "Oh, yeah. . ."

TIGER: "Yeah, so, with that in mind, I'm going to pass and I will see you at Augusta. Later. Out."

SVP: "Alright, so we're 0 for 2."

Hey, it was worth a shot. Anyway, here's the clip:

And here's the full episode in case you want to listen:

The previous podcast Woods was referring to happened in 2016 when Van Pelt, while appearing on Barstool's Pardon My Take Podcast, was asked to call the most famous person in his cell phone. Woods, whose injury status was a bit of a mystery at the time, eventually called back. Although he didn't want to participate in a long chat, Woods joked that he would would be back playing, "In the future." And as just about anything Tiger does, even that went viral.

Fast forward to 2020, things are a LOT different with Woods as the reigning Masters champ. Van Pelt placed his latest call hoping Woods would get his new podcast off to a flying start, but Tiger is far more concerned with getting his season off to a good start when he tees it up at Torrey Pines next week. Golf fans undoubtedly would have wanted to hear more from Tiger, but they'll happily settle for that response.