124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Hot Mics

Listen to this hilarious exchange between Bubba Watson and his caddie

January 29, 2021

As we've seen in recent weeks, having mics around PGA Tour golfers doesn't always turn out well (*Cough* Justin Thomas *Cough*). But most of the time, it's an absolute delight—especially when picking up the conversations they have with their caddies.

Enter Bubba Watson and Ted Scott. The two-time Masters champ doesn't have the best record in on-course discussions with his looper, but Ted claims those in-the-heat-of-the moments have been overblown. And the fact he's remained a loyal employee and friend throughout seems to back that up.

Anyway, Bubba engaged in some clearly friendly banter with Ted during Thursday's opening round of the Farmers Insurance Open. While his golf ball was in the air. Have a watch and listen:

"Please be right, Teddy! One time in your life, Teddy! Oh, Teddy, be right! That was all me. That was all me."

That's just good, clean fun right there. Let's all agree keep the mics on around these guys, OK?