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Letter to the Times

There are letters and there are letters. Here's a great one, not to us but to the LA Times over the weekend: __

I was blown away to open my L.A. Times sports section this  morning [Wednesday] knowing that the most prestigious women's golf event in  the world ⿹ the U.S. Women's Open ⿹ is getting ready to tee off in  North Carolina and there was no mention or article about the championship  even being played or any of its contestants. As a longtime SoCal  resident, subscriber, and former winner of the U.S. Open, I was shocked.  For the men's Open at Oakmont, there were features galore and four or five  special articles. It's time The Times and media recognize, pay respect to,  and showcase the greatest women golfers in the world so that their fans can  follow them, and a new generation of young women playing sports today will  have top-notch role models. AMY ALCOTT Pacific  Palisades

__ That's Hall of Famer and Golf For Women Hall of Fame Editor Amy Alcott, of course. And who could argue with her?  If there was ever a time when women's golf deserved equal coverage, it's now, one would think.

--Bob Carney