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LeBron finds a way to randomly dagger Knicks fans after last game against Dwyane Wade

December 11, 2018

New York Knicks fans ... avert your eyes, cover your ears, hide the kids, hide the wife. The video you are about to see is EXTREMELY graphic in nature.

Following their final meeting on Monday night at the Staples Center, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, former teammates and longtime friends, embraced on the court for one of those awkward meet ups between legends strictly for the cameras. As expected, some awkward conversation ensued, and before it could thankfully end, LeBron somehow found a way to take every Knicks fan's heart and rip it straight out of their chest with one little comment. Listen closely:

"I appreciate you letting it end here (the Staples Center)," said Wade. To which James responded, "hey, it was either here or The Garden."

What ... the ... F&%#!!!!!!!!!!

What does that mean? Was LeBron going to come to the Knicks instead of the Lakers? Were these two going to schedule a 1-on-1 game at MSG as their final meeting? Were they BOTH going to come to NY? Does LeBron just love to troll Knicks fans? Yes, yes he does. He's done it countless times in the past, and it wouldn't surprise us if he's doing it again here. Doesn't he know how fragile we all are?

Then again, according to some on Twitter, he may not have been referring to Madison Square Garden at all:

Thank you LeBron for making us Knicks fans the butt of another joke despite our team having the night off.