Improve Your Balance

July 17, 2008

Good balance is essential when it comes to hitting solid shots. Yet, I see many amateurs struggle in this area as a result of trying to hit at the ball (instead of making the proper swing) or trying to hit it too hard. Having stability in your lower body through good balance encourages a more synchronized movement between the turning of the body and the swinging of the club, and the result is a more consistent strike.

Any kind of sway as a result of swinging too hard makes it difficult to repeatedly hit solid shots. To improve your balance, try making half swings with your right foot crossed over your left (above). This drill teaches you good balance while emphasizing the ideal blend of arm swing and body turn.

You can hit shots with a short iron off a tee from this stance as part of your warm-up. Once you return to your regular stance, you’ll be amazed how balanced and synchronized your swing feels.

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