Coil for power

April 02, 2008

WIND IT UP: First, put the backs of your hands together. . . then make a backswing and feel the coil in your midsection.

If you want to hit the ball farther, try creating more torque. You can do this by coiling your torso (turning your back to the target) while keeping your lower body fairly stationary.

To achieve a feel for this coiling action, put your driver down for a second, and stand in your address posture with your arms hanging. Now put the backs of your hands together, with your right palm facing the target (left photo). From this position, pretend you're swinging a club to the top (right photo).

You should feel tension in your midsection, which is the torque you want when you go back to swinging your driver. This move also helps you feel width in your swing, another power generator.

Do this drill a few times before grabbing your driver. Try to hold the position at the top for several seconds -- you'll really stretch out your back muscles and set yourself up for a more powerful drive.

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