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The Right Way To Shift Forward

December 13, 2010

Get to the left heel: Your weight should shift to your left toes and then into your left heel.

If you really want to develop power, you need to transfer your weight properly. Computerized testing of elite players shows they each produce the same weight-transfer pattern, moving it toward the front of the left foot as they start the downswing and to the left heel at impact.

This ideal weight shift allows these players to deliver the clubhead squarely into the ball at impact as they rotate powerfully around the front foot.

Many amateurs mistakenly slide their hips too much toward the target in an effort to shift their weight, but this inhibits their ability to rotate, leading to inconsistent ball striking. By allowing your weight to move initially toward your left toes and then into your left heel, you'll be in position to correctly pivot around your left leg and flush it every time.

DAVID LEADBETTER, *a Golf Digest Teaching Professional, operates 26 academies worldwide. *


Arnold Palmer sure looks strong in this photo (below). True, he was known for smashing the ball, but what most people don't realize is that he had one of the steadiest heads in the game. This allowed him to stay in control of that powerful swing. Here, he's really wound up, but his head is right where it started.


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