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Lawsuit accuses New Orleans driving range of ‘hostile’ tactics and subterfuge to stop new Topgolf location

February 06, 2024

Jason Armond

The PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf. Paul Azinger vs. Seve Ballesteros. Us vs. putting. There’s nothing better than a good golf rivalry. It’s the reason to get into sports: Battles, crimes and potential lawsuits? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in New Orleans as a new Topgolf allegedly threw a rival driving range into a tizzy.

A River District lawsuit filed at the tail-end of January alleges that Five O Fore Golf and its investors have been blocking a brand-new Topgolf from opening in the area. The suit goes on to say that a driving range associate misled state officials at the Department of Transportation and Development about the proposed site.

The suggested Topgolf location is looking to realign streets in order to add extra room for its range and that’s exactly where this individual stepped in.

Incorrect and outdated Topgolf renderings were submitted for review, and this associate went so far as to solicit feedback and then provide said feedback to the city, even though he had no connection to the project.

The legal action also claims that Five O Fore is backing local outrage over the site.

“The parties named in this petition, and others to follow, conspired to coordinate a series of attacks and create a hostile public environment towards the project by financially supporting public discourse and other legal activities,” stated the River District Neighborhood Investors, who looks over the 50 acres of land and will be the new Topgolf’s landlord. “This is not how business is conducted and we will seek full remedies for the damage caused.”


Topgolf Press

Five O Fore Golf partner Alex Xiao released a statement on behalf of the company saying that this is all a misunderstanding and ridiculous.

“Five O Fore Golf has not engaged in any unfair or deceptive trade practices and categorically denies any wrongdoing or involvement in such activities. At no point did Five O Fore Golf or any of our associates ever represent itself as a representative of RDNI or Topgolf. Additionally, any documents obtained were obtained through the appropriate channels in accordance with laws governing public records requests in Louisiana.

“Furthermore, it is imperative to clarify that there is nothing illegal about a concerned citizen inquiring about the steps involved in the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) or any other governmental process. It is the right and responsibility of every citizen to seek information and participate in civic matters. Once all the facts are presented, it will become evident that Five O Fore Golf is not culpable of the allegations made by RDNI.”

Despite the potential deception, the Topgolf plans to open soon, as they have construction permits and a development process underway. The proposed venue will feature 102 climate-controlled hitting bays, chef-driven menu items and hopefully less turbulence than it's had so far.