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Kyle Lograsso 2

April 13, 2007



"Some people say he's the next Tiger. We're just happy that he's Kyle."

-- Jeff Lograsso

Hard to remember a story a that generated more letters, or better ones, than the Kyle Lograsso story by Dave Kindred in May. Here's two more, the first from Lori Simmer of Lake Worth: "My 2-year-old, Brady, has bilateral retinoblastoma.  He was diagnosed at 3 months old - has been through 13 rounds of chemo, 14 cycles of radiation and 25 laser treatments.....and we're still fighting.  I am so thrilled to see all types of media coverage on this disease... World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week is May 13th-19th and we'll be seeking even more coverage during that time period.  It is so refreshing, though, to take the angle you took and exhibit this little boy as a survivor/little athlete - not allowing the fact that he has only one eye to get in his way.  It gives parents like me even more hope for my son (who may probably lose BOTH of his eyes to this disease)..... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!"

From Minnesota,  a U.S. Forest Service fire engine captain and father of two boys, has this message for Kyle: "Kyle, when I was a little boy I lost the vision in my right eye from a hunting accident.  I had to write this message to tell you how proud of you I am, in overcoming your vision impairment.  It’s a hard adjustment to make, but you are going to grow up and live a great life. I did it and I know you will over come it as well. With hard work and dedication you will accomplish all of the goals you set out to do.  You are sourounded by a wonderful family and amazing doctors. You are an inspiration to others,  keep up the good work." --Chris Kottke

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the piece by NBC10 of Philadelphia. And for more photos of Kyle and his family at home, click here.

*-- Bob Carney

Photo: Michael J. LeBrecht II/I Deuce 3