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Watch a Korn Ferry Tour pro play a par 3 with a stop sign because, well, we don't really know why

February 17, 2021

The Korn Ferry Tour season starts, or rather, restarts this week at the LECOM Suncoast Classic. But one player, Jared Wolfe, is already in mid-season form. With a stop sign, at least.

OK, so we actually don't really know what good golf using a stop sign instead of golf clubs because why would anyone even attempt such a thing? But it made for an entertaining video, and let's be honest, if it came from the European Tour, Golf Twitter would be raving about it.

Anyway, check it out as Wolfe plays a par 3 using a stop sign, a skateboard, and finally, a spoon. He doesn't exactly bring the hole to its knees, but we've seen weekend hackers do far worse with actual golf equipment:

That. . . was. . . interesting. You're a good sport, Jared. Now, hopefully, this silly exercise didn't injure you. Like we said, the season is just starting. Again.