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The opening tee shot at this week's Korn Ferry Tour event is nightmare fuel of the highest order

February 09, 2022

As golfers, we all have similar nightmares. Can't get the ball teed up, can't take the club back, or, a personal favorite of mine, show up to a top-rated course and you can't find your clubs anywhere. Terrifying stuff.

At this week's Korn Ferry Tour event in Colombia, players in the field will get to live out one of those many golf nightmares we've all at some point endured. This one is of the claustrophobic variety, as KFT pro Mark Anguiano pointed out in his tweet from the opening tee at the Country Club de Bogota-Lagos on Tuesday. This is the chute to end all chutes, folks:

Is there a more terrifying sentence in golf than "can't miss left or right" ? Would save us all a lot of mental debate if we just said "so you're going to need to hit it dead straight" instead. Sure, you probably won't, but at least you'll plant that idea in your brain, which is half the pre-shot battle. If we're being honest, I'd rather re-enact Jordan Spieth's death-defying shot at Pebble than ever step foot on this tee box. 

Fortunately, these guys (in the field) are good, and many will be able to keep an iron low and straight. But still, there's nothing more unnerving than an opening swing that requires perfection, basically, no matter how good you are.