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Kirk Herbstreit filming Lee Corso doing things is the best content the Internet has to offer

September 27, 2019

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: Twitter is a steaming hot pile of trash. If you spend as much time on it as I do, it actually becomes repulsive, especially in today's political climate. Scrolling through all the garbage is enough to make you want to whip your phone into the ocean, but you don't. All you can do is imagine what you'd do with all the time you waste on that godforsaken app.

But every now and then you come across something beautiful, something wholesome, something that makes you feel like there is still good in this awful world. Something like Kirk Herbstreit filming Lee Corso go about his day. In my opinion, these videos Kirk tweets out on a weekly basis are the best content the Internet has to offer. In the latest two-minute clip, Corso can be seen stuffing cookies and donuts into a black satchel he's had since the first shooting of "College GameDay," and explaining to Herbie how he gets 11 hours of sleep every night. Please, enjoy:

First off, that satchel has seen some shit, especially if he's been stuffing donuts, cookies and No. 2 pencils in it for 23 years. Second, good lord, Lee, that's a lot of sugar! The donuts and the cookies plus SIX Cokes? How can anyone sleep with all that sugar, let alone sleep 11 hours per night? Wild. Incredible spread they have for the "GameDay" guys, I must say.

If you're not watching Kirk's videos of Lee each week, you're missing out. There is not a more adorable relationship on the Internet:

Herbie's laughing in the background alone makes these videos. Corso is a national treasure. I just hope we get a few more years out of him on "GameDay," because it won't be the same without the headgear.