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Draymond Green's own teammate defending Domantas Sabonis is a very tough look for Draymond

By now, those of us with critical thinking skills have seen the video of Draymond Green's stomp on Domantas Sabonis' chest enough to realize that neither player was innocent in the matter. Sabonis grabbed Green's ankle, something he should not have done, and Green simply couldn't just walk away, opting for a suspension-worthy stomp that has ignited plenty of debate on social media.

Despite Green's decorated history of doing similarly scummy sh-t, somehow the narrative has shifted to Sabonis being the dirty player thanks to assorted media members, whiney Golden State Warriors fans and actual NBA players. There was actually a real headline about the Warriors feeling like Sabonis has been "using the ball as a weapon" in this series. Not The Onion, folks:

This has prompted some hilarious tweets, as is tradition:

How you let that embarrassing quote get out as an organization is beyond me, but it seems like the Warriors and their fans actually believe what they're attempting to sell. This is a NBA dynasty absolutely crumbling at the first sign of adversity in a series against a franchise that hadn't reached the postseason since the 2005-2006 season before this year. Major yikes. 

The "Sabonis is the ACTUAL dirty player here!" narrative died a swift death on Wednesday, when Warriors center Kevon Looney was asked if he noticed or felt any of Sabonis' "borderline dirty" play in Games 1 and 2 of the opening round series. Looney, who actually has to bang around in the paint with Sabonis, called his style "pretty normal." Oh... 

Welp, that's a tough look for the Warriors faithful, and for Draymond. Though, in fairness to Draymond, he hasn't talked any crap about Sabonis or tried to call him the dirty player in the aftermath of the stomp. All Green has done is called it a "solid basketball play!" on his Instagram story and promptly been suspended for Game 3. It's mostly just fans, other players and dumbass hot-take artists who have attempted to paint Sabonis as the devil incarnate. Thankfully, Looney put an end to that with one quote.