Crank That

It might be Players week, but Kevin "Soulja Boy" Yu already has the best idea ever for his Zurich Classic walk-up music


Brennan Asplen

This week, Kevin Yu is competing in his first Players Championship. Most first-timers are a sweaty-palmed mess at the mere thought of TPC Sawgrass’ infamous island isthmus green, but not Yu who was as cool as the other side of a cucumber pillow on Wednesday. In fact, he wasn’t thinking about the Players Championship at all, but instead what he might use for his walk-up music at next month’s Zurich Classic. Yes, we said Zurich Classic.

OK, this is actually genius. Yu, is of course referring to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” which spent seven weeks at number one in the fall of 2007 and begins with an instantly recognizable“ Yuuuuuu” just before beat drops. Obviously the Players is just teensy weensy bit more important than the Zurich Classic, but if we had an idea this good for our walk-up music, we might be a little preoccupied with it as well. Yu even gave the world a preview of his new anthem during his practice round later in the day, and needless to say, it slapped.

We’re sure Yu will all about forget Soulja Boy—and maybe even his own name and how to walk—come Thursday, but it’s good to see him staying loose for now.