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Kevin Harlan's call of a Bucks fan's beer spill is why he is one of the greats

February 22, 2019

If someone asked you to rattle off the top play-by-play guys in sports right now, chances are you'd start with the usual suspects. Jim Nantz, Joe Buck, Marv Albert, Gus Johnson, etc. It might take you a little while to mention Kevin Harlan, which is a shame, because he's arguably one of the top two or three active play-by-play guys in the business.

Moments like the one we are about to share only further this notion. On Thursday night in Milwuakee, during a particularly boring stretch of the Bucks vs. Celtics game, a Bucks fan sitting court side spilled his beer everywhere when Boston forward Marcus Morris crashed into him as he saved the ball. Harlan did what he does best, perfectly describing the situation in great detail like the play-by-play legend he is:

"Some Schlitz maybe, who knows! He's just SOAKED in beer. It's in the guy's hair... it's IN THE GUY'S HAIR! Beer is every place! The Miller High Life, SPILLED on the floor!"

For me, the Miller High Life shoutout puts this over the top. Few beverages bring me as much joy as the champagne of beers. Harlan really is the best, though this moment still doesn't usurp the time he called a streaker running on the field in San Francisco:

"Beer is every place!", "The guy is drunk!", and "WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE", should be enough to put Harlan on the Mount Rushmore of sports broadcasting.