Tony Romo's play-by-play of a cat running on the field is already his best broadcasting moment

Tony Romo's early broadcasting career has been the subject of much discussion in the sports world. Many believe he is revolutionizing the color commentator position, providing a look into an NFL quarterback's mind in real time, often calling out the coverages and plays before they even occur. This week, the chairman of CBS Sports even stated that Romo has "exceeded" their expectations.

Much like his career as a quarterback, though, his broadcasting role has not been without its critics. Some believe he can be almost too talkative, or, excitable if you will. And between you and me, he says "Jim!!" a lot when talking to partner and lead play-by-play man Jim Nantz. But everyone seems to be in agreement that Romo's finest hour came Thursday night, during arguably the worst game of the NFL season so far, in which the Baltimore Ravens absolutely manhandled the Miami Dolphins 40-0 on Thursday Night Football.

The moment went mostly unnoticed until Friday, most likely because of the fact that everyone collectively turned the dumpster fire of a game off. Without further ado, here's Tony Romo, providing incredible play-by-play of a cat running on the field:

Outstanding. Romo covers all the bases here, including a dig at Nantz, a dissection of the kitten's running form and that "JIIIIIMMMMM!!" I was just telling you about. Seriously, listen closely next time he does a game, he says Jim!! no less than 500 times. Still, pretty hilarious stuff from Romo, who continues to revolutionize the kitten NFL broadcasting game. Somewhere, Kevin Harlan is tipping his cap.