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Keon Broxton's glove toss that hit the ump in the face is one of the most accurate throws of the MLB season

Move over Ramon Laureano. Take a seat Aaron Judge. The best, and most accurate throw of the MLB season came from Seattle Mariners outfielder Keon Broxton, and it wasn't even with the baseball. We'll explain.

In the bottom of the second at Safeco Field, Broxton was rung up on an extremely questionable strike three call with two outs, ending the inning. Had it been called a ball, Broxton would have earned a walk, so he was understandably upset with home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez, who was off to a rough start. Broxton pulled out all the stops, jumping up and down in disbelief, flipping his bat in frustration, smacking off his helmet and storming off like a child who just threw all his toys. Only there was one more toy to throw—his left batting glove—and he just so happened to whip it perfectly at Gonzalez's face without looking. Check out the full breakdown by the one and only Jomboy (@Jomboy):

That's a no-look pass that Steve Nash couldn't pull off in his prime, folks. The best part is Gonzalez immediately going to the face wipe and then staring at his hand like he was looking for blood. It's a batting glove guy!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 9.23.09 AM.png

Full White Goodman. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, nobody!

Like Jomboy says in the breakdown, the ump, for once, is in the right here. You simply must throw Broxton out. If only it was Joe West, who would have probably taken a soccer-player-like dive and then called the cops.