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Down Goes Dano

NHL Network analyst/Devils legend Ken Daneyko took a legendary spill on live television

During his 20-year NHL career, Ken Daneyko was both giver and receiver of countless massive hits on the ice. And yet, we defy you to find one hit as painful as the one he took in the NHL Network studio on Wednesday night.

Daneyko, better known as "Dano," is a New Jersey Devils legend and lifer who spends most of his time as color commentator for Devils games. When the Devils are off, though, like they were on Wednesday night, Dano slides into the analyst chair on NHL Network. Actually, he leans back a little too far in the analyst chair and takes a legendary spill on live television: 

Down goes Dano! Down goes Dano! 

For those who don't watch Devils games (most humans), this is doubly funny because Dano is, let's just say, not always with it. If you listen to him call games, he is as meat head as meat head gets, in the best way possible. Watching him take this tumble is just Dano being Dano.