High Fashion

Keith Mitchell might set a Guinness World Record for buttons with this shirt at the Cognizant Classic

February 29, 2024

When Keith Mitchell first broke through on the PGA Tour this very week five years ago, he looked like your standard tour pro. Decked out in Nike attire, flat brim hat, the usual. He has since become a fashion icon, earning the moniker "Cashmere Keith" thanks to his elite sweater game.

But even better than his sweater game is his actual golf shirt game. We're not talking about your regular old three-button golf polos, either. Hell, we're not even talking about Greyson polos, which are some of the most fashionable in the sport and have plenty of buttons (just take a look at Harry Higgs for the evidence).

No, we're talking about Sid Mashburn polos, which Mitchell rocks with pride. On Thursday, he may have set a Guinness World Record for buttons on a golf shirt at the Cognizant Classic:

Of course, this is not the first time we've seen Mitchell in one of these bad boys. He first shocked the world with all them buttons at the U.S. Open last June, but he only had two of them undone. Looks like he has at least three or four undone here, likely because of the Florida heat. He won't really have my attention, though, until he undoes those last two. Go big or go home, Keith.