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Shipping Up to Boston

Keegan Bradley chugging a Boston Lager out of the Travelers Championship trophy might be the most New England thing since ‘The Departed’

I’m a New Englander. From one of the lesser-known states (New Hampshire), but still New England through and through. That means that despite living my entire adult life in New York City, the sworn enemy of America’s Northeast corner, I still have a soft spot for maple syrup, Sam Adams, foliage and, of course, the world-famous New England Revolution.

OK, I’m kidding about that last one, but still I'm uniquely qualified to speak on all things New England. New England is one of those “you know it when you see it” deals, and let me tell ya, Vermont boy Keegan Bradley chugging a Boston Lager out of Connecticut’s only PGA Tour trophy is wicked freakin’ New England, kid.

OK, so we don’t know for a fact that Bradley was specifically chugging a Boston Lager out of the trophy after his big win on Sunday night. Could have been a Shipyard or a Harpoon. Maybe if he was feeling really fancy, a Treehouse or even a Hill Farmstead (lucky guy!). But deep down in my bones, I know it’s a Boston Lager. If not in label, then at least in spirit.

So anyway, congrats to “the local boy” on another career milestone. It’s not easy becoming an elite golfer in a region where winter lasts from Halloween to Easter, but Bradley survived the elements and defied the odds, even if he hasn’t always been the quickest doing it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have a lobster roll with my name on it and ‘80 For Brady’ waiting on the Roku. Until next time.