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Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater mashed up with Tiger's 2005 Masters chip-in is exquisite content

Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beating two-pointer to down the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals was literally the first of its kind. Shockingly, no player had ever hit a buzzer beating shot to win a Game 7 in NBA Playoff history, and only one other player (Michael Jordan, ever heard of him?) had ever hit a buzzer beater in a winner-take-all game in postseason history.

If that didn't make the shot unique enough, the manner in which it found the bottom of the net was one of the craziest things NBA fans will ever witness. The shot took four clanks off the rim, then hung in the air for what felt like a minute, and likely an hour for both Sixers and Raptors fans. It was a shot straight out of every basketball movie ever, only it was extremely real.

Immediately, some pointed to another epic shot in sports history that hung in the balance for what felt like hours. Yes, we're talking about Tiger Woods' chip shot on the 16th hole at the 2005 Masters. Many on social media made the comparison, and TNT's Ernie Johnson also recalled Woods' shot just as "Inside the NBA" came on the air after the game. Trevor Sikkema, a beat reporter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, went as far as to mash the two shots up, with Leonard hitting the buzzer beater to Verne Lundqvist's "In your life!" call of Woods' chip, and it made for this exquisite piece of content:

Oh yes, inject that right into our veins. Bravo, Trevor. Now all we need is someone to mash it up the other way around, with Tiger's ball rolling toward the hole and the great Kevin Harlan screaming "IS THIS THE DAGGER??!?" followed by a shot of Chris DiMarco getting daggered. C'mon internet, make it happen.