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Kate Upton rips Los Angeles Country Club after mistakenly thinking women weren't allowed to play before noon

Los Angeles Country Club has long been regarded as one of the most steadfastly-private clubs in the U.S. It has repeatedly denied the USGA's overtures for a U.S. Open, and until the late 1980s, there were no Jewish or African-American members.

Kate Upton -- a new golfer herself and a Golf Digest cover subject last year -- discovered what she thought was one of LACC's rules for the first time on Wednesday, and she wasn't too pleased. She tweeted on Tuesday that it was the "most insulting news I've ever heard."

But it seems Upton was responding to some bad information. One LACC source told that women "can play whenever they want." One member who is also a Golf Digest sales representative, Noel Lucky, responded to Upton on Twitter: