Relish the good times

Kansas City hero eats one hot dog every half-inning, wins Dollar Dog Night

Perhaps this is slanderous, but the best part of going to a baseball game isn’t the baseball. Instead of watching the game, get a few beers, some hot dogs, hang out with your friends, and you’ll have a pretty great night.

Now, usually, one or two hot dogs is more than enough, especially with Dippin’ Dots hopefully on the way, but this TikTok legend decided that the Kansas City Royals’ Dollar Dog Night needed to be taken for all it is worth. That’s what we call a Frugal King.

Jack Shaw (if that’s even his real name or a superhero-esque pseudonym) decided to take on the pointless but crucial challenge of eating one hot dog every half-inning of the recent Tigers-Royals matchup. If you do the math (9x2), that totals 18 hot dogs. Which is too many hot dogs.

This is a true rags-to-rags performance as you can see the TikToker lose steam and nearly lose his will to live once he gets into the double digits. He even went as far as to say “I never want another one of these again.”

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Maybe this is a lesson for us all, our generation’s version of Aesop’s Fables. Yes, you can eat 18 hot dogs if you really, really want to, but at what price? What will become of us and our hubris?

Let this be a warning for the human race. Don’t go to Dollar Dog Night. You may not make it out alive.