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"Dodger Killer" Justin Verlander shares huge Beverly Hills bill, and wait, pancakes are how much?!

August 25, 2018

Justin Verlander's efforts in the 2017 World Series will always be remembered fondly by Houston Astros fans. Apparently, those in Los Angeles haven't forgotten what he did against their Dodgers, either.

Back in the area with his team facing the Angels, the Beverly Hills Hotel dropped a big bill on the big-game pitcher as payback. A bill that included a $1 million "miscellaneous" charge for being a "Dodger killer." Check it out:

Well played, Beverly Hills hotel. But you charge $30 for pancakes?! Does the batter contain flakes of golf? And what the heck is in a salad that would make it cost $42?!

Looks like that miscellaneous Dodger Killer charge wasn't necessary. With those outrageous prices, L.A. already got its revenge.