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Justin Timberlake just birdied a 226-yard par 3 -- and lost to a tour pro's hole-in-one

February 08, 2017

Justin Timberlake birdied the 226-yard par-3 seventh hole at Monterey Peninsula Country Club during Wednesday's practice round for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. We know this because his partner and buddy Justin Rose tweeted about it. We also know the superstar entertainer wound up losing the hole.

That's because two-time PGA Tour winner Will Mackenzie aced it. Not that JT looked like he was crying a river about it:

It looks like Mackenzie and Timberlake are standing on someone else's line in the photo, but we guess they get a pass due to the hole-in-one excitement. You can't stop the feeling -- right, Justin? OK, we'll stop now.

As you can also see from Rose's tweet, the group, rounded out by Mackenzie's partner Brian Thompson, posted an incredible scoring average of 2.0 on the difficult par 3. Good luck to the foursome pulling that off when they play the hole again for real in Thursday's opening round.