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Justin Thomas went absolutely HAM in the kids dining area at the PNC Championship

December 17, 2021

On Thursday, Justin Thomas made an admission that we've all made at some point in our adult lives: the kids dining area, no matter if it's at a wedding, a holiday gathering, or the PNC Championship, is always, always better than the adults dining area:

Honey mustard? BBQ? What kind of sauces are we working with here? Is there a grilled cheese station? So many questions left unanswered. 

Thomas answered two of them on Friday, revealing that he did, in fact, grab lunch from the kids dining area. Chicken fingers and fries with honey mustard, plus a couple of mini peanut butter and jelly sandos. This, my friends, is LIVING:

Looks A+++. Naturally, JT is already being met with food-shaming from the haters, including Rory McIlroy, who replied "A lot of beige in that box. Come on JT you're an athlete." Says man who loves Domino's pizza. Former NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguadola followed McIlroy's lead, telling JT he needs "something green" in that box. Hey guys, ever hear of cheat meals? Carbo-loading? Even The Rock goes HAM on Sundays, though if anyone earns their cheat meals it's The Rock. 

JT is definitely not The Rock, but a couple of chicken fingers ain't going to kill him. The biggest takeaway from this? If JT wins the Masters, we know the Champions Dinner will have a "kids dining area" theme to it.