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Justin Forsett live-Tweeting his unsuccessful appearance on "Shark Tank" was wildly entertaining

January 29, 2018

Justin Forsett will always hold a special place in my heart for that random 2014 Pro Bowl season with the Ravens in which I picked him off the scrap heap and rode him to the fantasy playoffs. But apparently, the retired NFL running back also has a blossoming business that got a chance to shine on the biggest of stages on Sunday night: ABC's Shark Tank.

Forsett and two of his business partners went on the show to pitch their product, ShowerPill, essentially a disposable body wipe that can substitute for taking a shower if you're in a pinch. There's even a video/commercial for it featuring several Seahawks, including head coach Pete Carroll, from Forsett's time in Seattle:

Seems like a decent idea. Unfortunately for Forsett, the pitch didn't go very well, particularly when they were asked to go over their numbers (Anyone who watches The Tank is aware you need to know your numbers inside-out or you will get torn into by Mark Cuban or Mr. Wonderful).

But that didn't stop Forsett from live-tweeting this taped episode. And making it wildly entertaining in the process.

Hope as he might -- Lori Greiner and her Bed Bath & Beyond connections would be an ideal fit -- it wasn't meant to be.

Amen, Justin.

A bit later, Forsett posted this video of him wrapping up his exciting, but ultimately, unsuccessful foray into reality TV:

"I'll be honest, it was tough to watch," Forsett says in the video. "Definitely had the nerves, the jitterbugs, you name it. Being in that 'tank' is unlike anything I've ever been a part of."

"We dropped the ball," added Forsett using the perfect cliché. "That happens in life sometimes, and you gotta learn from it."

Maybe so, but we're guessing he's sold just a few ShowerPills today.