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Justin Bieber responds to Indians pitcher Shane Bieber's Players Weekend jersey with hilarious jersey of his own

This past weekend was "Players Weekend" in the MLB, a new annual event in which grown men put nicknames on the back of their jerseys like a bunch of 12-year-olds. This "Players Weekend" was somehow worse than the first, as the MLB replaced last year's jerseys, which were unique to each team, with strictly all black jerseys for the away teams and all white for the home teams.

The jerseys were deservedly roasted across social media, and even players and managers got their shots in. Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona provided the best quote, saying “What’s the slogan, ‘Let the kids play?’ Let the grown-ups look like morons.” He hated them so much that he didn't want to go out and make pitching changes because he didn't want to be seen in public. The sport's two most iconic franchises, the Dodgers and Yankees, who each have one of the best jerseys in all of sports, happened to be playing in L.A., and the Dodgers asked if they could wear their normal threads for one game and were denied. Sick job, Rob Manfred.

As much as I despised them just like everybody else, there are a few decent nicknames players came up with that provide a chuckle or two. One of the best belonged to Indians pitcher Shane Bieber, who went with the simple "Not Justin":

Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians

Ron Schwane

Kansas City Royals v. Cleveland Indians

Jason Miller

Pretty good stuff, Shane. While it would have been witty without any backstory, there is one that makes it even funnier. Earlier this month, Shane found an error on his Topps baseball card, which referred to him as "Justin" in the card's description, which led to a great back and forth:

Ha! Like the song! I get it!

This caused the actual Justin, the guy with 106.3 MILLION Twitter followers, to poke his head in:

Shane obviously responded, because clout is a helluva drug:

The latest chapter in this new best buds story came on Wednesday morning, when Justin Bieber tweeted out a photo of himself on a motorcycle wearing a custom Players Weekend jersey:

Well played, Biebs, well played. Your move, Shane.