124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Never A Doubt

This junior golfer celebrating a putt six feet out is something Kevin Na can only dream of

Kevin Na was certainly not the first (nor the last) golfer to walk in a putt, but he has turned the celebration into an art form. Only in his wildest dream, though, could he pull off what one junior golfer pulled off during an event last week.

In a video shared by aspiring pro golfer Hannah Gregg, the junior golfer in question, Hunter Williams, can be seen standing over a 25-30-foot putt. After impact, the ball began tracking toward the pin and Williams decided to raise his hand to the sky while the ball was still, at minimum, about six feet away. Cocky doesn't even begin to describe this move, which of course worked, yielding an epic fist pump after the putt dropped:

Unreal. Like Lane Kiffin raising his hands in the air for a touchdown before his quarterback has even thrown the ball. When you know, you know. 

Not surprisingly, this appears to be a very regular occurrence for Williams. Here he is doing it again, this time only from four feet out. Weak sauce, Hunter:

My word, the kid is an absolute savage. They don't call him the fist pump king for nothing (it seems his dad has named him the fist pump king and honestly he's right):

Let's get Na and Williams on the same putting green, ASAP. Whoever can make that happen needs to make it happen.