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JuJu Smith-Schuster became the best NFL Twitter follow in a matter of 24 hours

At 5-2, coming off back-to-back wins against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and the division rival Cincinnati Bengals, the Pittsburgh Steelers don't have many problems. There is one glaring one, however, and it's one any NFL team would love to have: they have too many good wide receivers.

For quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it's a dream scenario. But that's not the case for fourth-year wideout Martavis Bryant, who has requested a trade (unsuccessfully) after seeing his usage in the offense decrease with the emergence of JuJu Smith-Schuster, the Steelers second-round pick out of USC. Among rookies, Smith-Schuster ranks fifth in receiving yards and is tied for first in touchdowns. Also, his Dragon Ball Z and hide-and-seek TD celebrations are already the best of 2017.

There's still plenty of season to go, but Smith-Schuster is certainly in the early running for offensive Rookie of the Year. When it comes to social media though, he's locked up the title of Twitter ROY, all in the last 24 hours. If you weren't following him before Tuesday, chances are you definitely are now. First, he randomly revealed someone stole his bike:

What bike you ask? The one he rode home from practice while still wearing his helmet on Monday:

Then, he started a movement, and also hilariously explained why, as an NFL player, he rides a bike around Pittsburgh:

Losing something so near and dear to one's heart can be quite sad:

At this point, it was safe to assume everyone was one #TeamFindJuJusBike, including attention-seeking retired porn stars:

This was when, despite not having his license, owning a car and being the youngest player in the NFL, JuJu show maturity well beyond his years:

Denied! Smart move from the 20-year-old. You don't want to end up in another slide-into-the-DMs controversy like so many before him:

Apparently, the bike has been found, and the NFL affiliated 'The Checkdown' has already made a mockumentary out of it. Suddenly, this reeks of social media stunt gone too far, but for now, we're going to believe someone actually stole JuJu's bike and it's been returned.