Hanging Up Now

Josh Allen was having absolutely NONE of his teammate's 'Can I call you back?' prank

These days, internet fads get chewed up and spit out in less than 24 hours. However, the "Can I call you back?" prank, in which you call someone and tell them you are busy and can't talk right now, has not only passed the 24-hour test, it's beginning to sweep the nation.

It's origin, like with most fads right now, is Tik Tok. To be honest, we have no clue who started it and we don't really care, all we know is that Gronk doing it to Brady brought the prank to the sports world and the result was A++++:

Gosh, aren't these two just adorable together? But seriously, that one is pretty funny, mostly because Brady is getting duped by a guy who has eaten a few Tide pods in his day. 

"Inside the NBA"'s version, not surprisingly, was top notch, as was the L.A. Dodgers version, which features manager Dave Roberts sipping on wine in the middle of the afternoon. Both are very worthy of your time. 

Naturally, the Buffalo Bills, who have become America's team seemingly overnight, had to get in on the fun, too. Wide receiver/punt returner/jack of all trades guy Isaiah McKenzie is the one doing the calling in this version, and while it may not be as funny as some of the versions mentioned above, it's worth it to stay to the end to see quarterback Josh Allen's reaction:

Outstanding stuff. This is the face of a man who either A. has been pranked one too many times by McKenzie or B. was thoroughly enjoying his lunch only to be interrupted by some BS:


No sir, no time for your games. Pure disdain. A close second to Allen's reaction had to be Tre'davious White breaking into dance when he answered the phone, then saying "why the f--- you call me then?" Job well done, all around.