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This camera angle of Josh Allen's 98-yard touchdown pass to Gabe Davis should win an Oscar

Thanks to all the hoopla surrounding the NFL's handling of "roughing the passer" penalties, the Buffalo Bills continuing to be an absolute wagon got lost in the shuffle this past weekend. That won't be the case in Week 6, when the Bills return to Arrowhead for a classic revenge game against the also 4-1 Kansas City Chiefs.

If that game is half as good as the Divisional Round matchup between these two teams from last year, we're in for a damn treat. It's fair to assume it will be, especially with Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen looking as good as either of them have in their careers. As of now, Mahomes has the slight TD/INT ratio edge -- 15/2 to Allen's 14/4. But Allen has got him by nearly 300 yards in passing yardage, and it's thanks to 98-yard TDs like this one he threw to Gabe Davis to open up the scoring at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday:

If you'd like to watch that again, you can simply continue to hit play on the above clip, and we wouldn't blame you. However, we'd like to point out an even better camera angle of the play that made its way to Twitter on Monday. Whoever filmed this not only deserves an Oscar, but they should be promoted to team president immediately:

We already knew how ridiculous this throw and catch was, but this angle really drives the point home. Pressure in Allen's face as he stands in his own damn end zone and he simply flicks the ball into double coverage right into Davis' bread basket for a backbreaking opening TD. Mix in the electric atmosphere in Orchard Park, plus Allen's reaction, and you've got all the makings of a Best Picture Oscar winner. The only difference here is that unlike many recent Oscar winners for Best Picture, this movie is actually enjoyable and rewatchable.