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Jordan Spieth’s son accidentally owns dad during Hero World Challenge autograph signing

November 30, 2023

Patrick Smith

Jordan Spieth is a three-time major winner. He’s made millions upon millions of dollars playing golf. And he’s consistently one of the most popular pros on tour. But to his son, he’s just some guy.

To toddler Sammy, Jordan Spieth is the man who feeds him, picks up his toys and carries him around when tired. He’s not a world-class athlete or advertising maven. Sometimes you have to keep your dad humble, and Sammy accidentally (or perhaps maliciously) does that right here.

Wide smiles, nice Bahamas weather and Sammy daggers his autograph-giving dad for the entire internet to see.

“I’m writing my name on it, Sammy,” says Papa Spieth to which Sammy replies, “Why?” “Because he wants me to write my name on it,” Jordan retorts. Even though you could tell that he wanted to say the following…

That’s just a little humble pie for the Hero World Challenge competitor from his very own progeny. Sometimes you need to be brought back down to earth, and there’s nothing more humiliating than your kid being confused as to why anyone would ever want your autograph.

Good work, Sammy. Thanks for giving us a golden golf meme to end the calendar year.