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Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler & Co. kick off #SB2K17

April 11, 2017

Last Friday, Smylie Kaufman looked me in the face and said #SB2K17 was in serious jeopardy of not happening.

"We've talked, but I doubt we can get anything on paper," Kaufman said. "Everybody's got such busy schedules."

Well, either Smylie was a last-minute invite (unlikely since he was voted the MVP of #SB2K16) or he was just throwing everybody off the scent (there were a lot of thirsty pros looking for an invite), because the boys are back in town. And by town, we mean Baker's Bay.

On Tuesday, just two days after the Masters ended, Smylie, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas all began sharing photos and videos from their latest brocation to this exclusive location in the Bahamas.

And this year, they've even got their own Snapchat filter:

So if you care to follow along, hop on Snapchat or check back here for more of this fun foursome's shenanigans. Prediction: There will be more to come. A LOT more to come.

DAY 1 UPDATE: A rundown of Day 1:

DAY 2 UPDATE: The guys have matching tank tops this year.

Actually, there appears to be a lot more clothing involved with this trip.

Here's a day 2 recap:


Still going strong. . .