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John Wall playing cards mid-ESPN interview is a level of DGAF to which we should all aspire

October 20, 2020

Life ain’t a beach, it’s a grind. Your time isn’t really yours. The things you want to do aren’t the things you get to do. You work 70% of your life so you can pay a 30-year mortgage to work from your coach while your company saves millions on rent. You sleep away 15% and spend another 5% resetting your online passwords, leaving a precious little sliver of the pie chart for, well, you. But for some people, at some point, it just clicks. The lightbulb goes on. You don’t have time, you make time.You have to work hard to kick back. John Wall—Kentucky basketball legend, Wizards point guard, popularizer of the Dougie—has had such an epiphany. How, you might ask, would we know such a thing? Because, we might answer, of this.

That’s John Wall live on ESPN on Monday, talking the NFC Least with Jason Fitz and Field Yates. Or at least, he’s supposed to be talking the NFC Least with Jason Fitz and Field Yates, but instead he’s more focused on his heated game of Spades than the national sports audience watching on. Gesturing off-screen, card fan clearly visible, he asks Yates to repeat his question without a single care in the world. This, ladies and gentleman, is a man who has taken full ownership over his life and we couldn’t be more inspired.

That said, Fitz and Yates are less impressed. These are men still tethered to the anchors of modern life. They cannot possibly understand Wall’s transcendence. In fact, it terrifies them, and that fear shows in every wrinkle of their weary faces.


Something tells us Wall won’t be getting invited back to Monday Tailgate anytime soon, but that probably suits him just fine. At the very least, it means more time for cards, and as we already discussed, nothing is more valuable than time.