Like Father, Like Son

John Daly reminds Little John Daly who is still the boss on the golf course in A+ clip

In the participation trophy era we are currently living in, letting your child win has become the new norm. Gotta make them feel good and all that. To the surprise of absolutely no one, John Daly ain't got time for that.

In a short clip shared by the PGA Tour Champions Twitter account, country music star/avid celebrity golfer Jake Owen can be heard asking Daly about his son Little John, and how often he loses to him on the golf course. "If you and Little John play 10 times in a row, how many times does he beat you, like straight up?" asks Owen. 

"Oh, if I get fired up, he ain't beating me," Daly responds. Translation: when I'm 'on', the kid has no chance. Mic drop city, USA. 

It wasn't all trash talk from pops, though. Owen proceeded to follow up with a question about who hits it farther, and dad immediately conceded to Little John. Crazy given dad was once the longest hitter on tour. Now, he can't even come close to matching his teenage son when it comes to distance. Check out the awesome clip below:

Welp, that was amazing. How is this only 30 seconds long? I could watch Daly talk about every club in LJ's bag for another hour. Premium content. 

Hilariously, though, Daly answered the "how often does he beat you?" question at WARP speed. The kid may have 20 yards on him, but he ain't taking down his two-time major champ father. Good old fashioned family competition remains undefeated, folks.