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John Daly and Andrew "Beef" Johnston were filmed hanging out -- and it was glorious

March 09, 2017

John Daly and Andrew "Beef" Johnston are kindred spirits on the golf course and friends off of it. So it was just a matter of time before they let us see what it's like when they hang out. Daly calls it "The Meat and Beef Show," and (late) Wednesday night, golf fans got a heavy dose.

It started with Daly sharing this photo of the two hanging out in Florida:

Then Daly (tried to) set Beef straight on how to pronounce "Arby's":

"See the things I'm teaching him? I'm a good mentor."

And then, they took the show to Periscope for an entertaining 30-minute Q&A, which was filmed by Daly's fiancee, Anna Cladakis.

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, here are some of the best parts that we're allowed to print:

We learned a lot, including Kid Rock is getting married, John Daly likes to mix Crown Royal with chocolate milk, that Beef prefers Canadian bacon for breakfast, and Daly prefers Ed Sheeran to Metallica. Talk about an upset.

They also settled who is the longer hitter (Beef, surprisingly), who is the better club thrower (Daly, not surprisingly -- Beef blurts out, "I've seen the YouTube videos!"), and offered their Masters picks. Daly is going with Rory McIlroy or Jason Day and Beef likes Rickie Fowler and Tommy Fleetwood. Keep in mind that Daly picked Danny Willett last year.

Daly also offered that Loudmouth would make pants with all the Arby's sandwiches "all over them" for Beef and offered his thoughts on mullets.

"Mullets are good. Mullets are cool."

OK. . . But the two definitely differ in their gambling habits. While Daly tried to decide if his best betting story was the time he won $1.9 million recently or when he won $2.3 million in Vegas, Beef said, "I won $12 on a football game once."

That's probably for the best, Beef.

In any event, The Meat And Beef Show was clearly the most entertaining thing on TV on Wednesday. Let's hope this was just the season premier.