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Joe LaCava dishes on productive quarantine spent drinking beer and watching all of Netflix

Tiger Woods’ quarantine period, which included reading horror books and playing tennis, was a bit longer than every other tour pro’s. Woods elected to skip the first five events of the restart, meaning when he tees it up for real on Thursday at Muirfield Village, it will be his first pro start in five months.

That means it will also be his caddie Joe LaCava’s first loop in five months. For any other pro caddie, they might not be able to survive that long without working. Fortunately for LaCava, being on the bag of a 15-time major champion affords you time to kick your feet up on the couch.

And that’s exactly what the Connecticut native did, parking his behind directly in the sofa for the first few months of the pandemic. LaCava explained his routine in hilarious detail to Caddie World, the official Twitter account for the European Tour Caddie Association, on Tuesday at the Memorial.

“As you guys would say, I did f--- all,” said LaCava, using a common European saying. “Haven’t been doing much. Five months for me—I live in Connecticut and the weather was crummy. So for the first two months with the virus, I was Netflix bound, I watched them all. There’s a big old dent in the couch.”

Luckily, the weather turned in the Northeast in May and June, which allowed LaCava, who is a single-digit handicap, to get out and golf.

“My game is fair at best, but I’ve been having a good time, making a few bucks on the course, $20 here and there. Drinking a lot of beer, eating good. But the best part was spending time with the family. Both kids moved home because of the virus.”

The craziest tidbit from LaCava and Caddie World’s conversation, though, is that he and Tiger barely spoke over the five-month span.

“As far as Tiger goes, haven’t heard from him much, probably exchanged two or three texts. I don’t bother him, he doesn’t bother me.”

In other words, LaCava has had the dream quarantine period. Netflix, beer, golf and minimal conversation with his boss. Not bad.

Below, you can watch the full conversation: