Insult to Injury

Backup goalkeeper Joe Hart gives us a hilarious lesson on why athletes shouldn't outsource their Instagrams


Tottenham Hotspur FC

Thursday was a major disaster for Tottenham, who took a two-goal lead into the second leg of their Europa League tie against Dinamo Zagreb, and promptly blew it with a 3-0 loss in Croatia. The players called it a "disgrace," Jose Mourinho accused his team of not respecting their jobs, and Tottenham fans like our own Coleman Bentley are very sad.

Backup Tottenham keeper Joe Hart, on the other hand, had a very different reaction on Instagram. Check out what he posted when the match was over (click image to enlarge):

"Job done" with the check mark is wildly funny there, and when I first read this story, I hoped he was being sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek or something. The actual story is almost as good—turns out, he has a social media team, and apparently one of them thought that Tottenham had won 3-0. It's a little baffling that this could happen, but my guess is that his "team" is actually a larger company that runs social media for several players, and whoever made the mistake obviously wasn't following Europa League as closely as they should have been.

All of it led to a forced apology from Hart:

"Sloppy as it sounds, it's the truth," Hart said, after explaining the mix-up. It has the look of a hostage video, but the story checks out, because Hart doesn't seem vindictive or funny enough to post it on his own.

Either way, this is the new "Mission Accomplished!" of the soccer world, and I, for one, am glad it happened. I hope it spawns a "job done!" meme after other horrible losses. But if other athletes or famous people see this, it's a decent lesson: Outsource social media at your own risk.