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Joe Buck and Scott Van Pelt swap delightfully awkward visuals from their early TV days

November 07, 2019

Joe Buck and Scott Van Pelt are two of the most recognizable faces—and voices—in the country, a pair of smooth talkers who are completely comfortable in front of the camera. But it wasn't always that way.

On Thursday, Buck, unprompted, shared a video from his early days on TV when he worked for ESPN(?) before becoming a mainstay at Fox Sports. In the clip, Buck interviews future major leaguers Todd Zeile and Greg Vaughn from the Triple-A All-Star Game for a live hit on SportsCenter that he claims stressed him out to the point of causing a zit on his delicate, dimpled face. Have a look:

Don't, um, sweat it, Joe. When I was that age I got stress zits from my college public speaking class. A live hit on SportsCenter at that age is pretty heady stuff. My summer internships definitely weren't that cool.

But not to be outdone, Van Pelt chimed in by poking fun at his own look when he got his broadcasting start on Golf Channel. And you will not be disappointed:

Boom. Roasted. Yourself.