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Jimmy Kimmel gave random people iPhone 4s and asked how they liked the new iPhone X

November 09, 2017

Continuing his ongoing crusade to prove that human beings will say literally just about anything if you point a camera in their face, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Hollywood on Wednesday armed with an iPhone 4 to ask regular Americans just like you, me, and George Clooney one simple question: What do you think of the new iPhone X? Unsurprisingly, America was super impressed...

While many of the participants don't exactly cover themselves in glory—one girl likes that the phone is black on both sides before realizing she didn't press the home button to light up the screen—the video is less an indictment of random passerby's technological acumen than Apple's snake oil empire. Does America really need a new $1,000 "smart" phone that's so dumb it still allows people to send accidental nudes to their parents in the year 2017? The answer, at least compared to the device we were rocking way back in the dark ages of 2010, is obviously no.

But does America really want a new $1,000 "smart" phone that's so dumb it still can't tell you what trains you can take at the subway station you're currently standing in? Well, if this fun little ruse is any indication, the answer is hell f—king yeah we do.