Boo The God

No one has ever described Jim Furyk's golf swing more perfectly than Boo Weekley

We didn't realize it at the time, but the day Boo Weekley turned 50 this past July was an enormous day for golf content purposes. You see, Boo's PGA Tour days were all but over, the three-time tour winner showing up sparingly, if at all, and often missing the cut with little fanfare. The day he turned 50, though, meant he'd be eligible to begin competing on the PGA Tour Champions.

That meant we'd get to see the lovable, legendary ball-striker a hell of a lot more often, particularly on social media, which Weekley's personality was made for. The folks behind the PGA Tour Champions social channels have understood that assignment, using him from the moment he strolled into his first PGA Tour Champions event for A+ content. This week, at Jim Furyk's tournament down in Florida, they used him again in a video in which a number of well-known old heads either described or impersonated Furyk's wacky-yet-insanely-effective golf swing. 

Weekley, unsurprisingly, nailed both the description and impersonation portions of the task, saying Furyk's move looks like "an octopus in a phone booth" while later using the phrase "flipper bipper" to describe what Furyk does post-impact. Truly incredible stuff, as is everything else that comes after Weekley's bit at the beginning. Well worth the watch:

Well done by all, particularly Jesper Parnevik, who appeared to hit a nuke down the middle of the fairway. Further proof that it really doesn't matter how it looks on the takeaway, follow-through, etc. As long as you get it in the proper position at impact, you'll do just fine. Furyk will forever remain the shining example of that. Octopus in a damn phone booth.