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Jets announce 2018 schedule with awesome Mario Kart video, possibly their only win of the year

The New York Jets are not a good football team. Their social media team on the other hand? Straight fire. While the rest of the NFL was rolling out their 2018 schedules on Thursday night in with unreadable-after-the-age-of-28 infographics, the Jets plused it up with this fantastic Mario Kart-themed announcement video that is sure to power-up the nostalgia in your 64-bit heart:

So where do the Jets end up when all 16 laps are completed? Well, let's just say, there's a few more banana peels than super 'shrooms ahead for Gang Green.

Week 1 at Detroit: Loss

Week 2 vs. Miami: Win

Week 3 at Cleveland: Win

Week 4 at Jacksonville: Loss

Week 5 vs. Denver: Loss

Week 6 vs. Indianapolis: Win

Week 7 vs. Minnesota: Loss

Week 8 at Chicago: Win

Week 9 at Miami: Loss

Week 10 vs. Buffalo: Win

Week 12 vs. New England: Loss

Week 13 at Tennessee: Loss

Week 14 at Buffalo: Loss

Week 15 vs. Houston: Loss

Week 16 vs. Green Bay: Loss

Final Record: 5-11 (which honestly might be good enough for second place in the AFC East).

Meanwhile, across town, Big Blue anxiously awaits the arrival of the Super Smash Bros.