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Jessica Korda makes a quadruple bogey, has to deal with perfect younger-sibling comment from sister, Nelly

November 08, 2017
jessica korda nelly korda Blue Bay LPGA - Day 1

Zhe Ji

As if making a quadruple-bogey 9 during a professional tournament wasn’t bad enough, Jessica Korda happened to do so while playing with her younger sister, Nelly, at the LPGA Blue Bay event in China.

Anyone with siblings knows that this situation couldn't just go by without a little dig. So the 19-year-old younger sister didn’t let the opportunity slide by.

“I was like, 'At least you kept it in the single digits,' ” Nelly said during an interview the sisters did together after the round.

Obviously, it was all in good humor. Nelly is wrapping up her rookie year on the LPGA Tour, and says she has benefitted from having her big sister to travel with and learn from.

“I mean, having her out here has made things a lot easier,” Nelly said. “It's made me more comfortable. As I said before, she's my best friend. So, having her out here has been a blast this year.”

“Yeah, it is. Good answer,” 24-year-old Jessica joked. “It is nice. She makes her birdie, give her a little fist pump. It's just the comfort of it. It's just so nice.”

As you can see, they're really close -- constantly practicing together and hanging out during down time, whether it's at home during off weeks or on the road.

The sisters both shot one-under 71 in the first round on Wednesday in China, and are paired together for the second round as well.

For Jess' sake, let's hope she doesn't make any more big numbers. Or else she'll have her little sister to deal with.