Read the Room

PGA Tour wife shares hilarious story about her husband sharing the ‘Hawk Tuah’ meme at a birthday party


Mike Lawrie

The Hawk Tuah meme is sweeping the nation. If you haven’t seen it yet, crawl out from the under that rock, make sure your kids, wife and boss aren’t within earshot and give it a watch. Then, and only then, can you fully appreciate the cringe-worthy story Jessica Hadwin—X dynamo and wife of PGA Tour pro Adam Hadwin—shared with her 42,000 followers on Tuesday. Jessica, take it away.

Adam, broooo, what are you doing!? Your nearest and dearest are gathered around the table, ready to cut the cake and you’re passing around a video of a young, very intoxicated woman shouting about [redacted] on someone’s [redacted]??? Every family is different, but you shouldn't need Sigmund Freud to tell you this is a no-no.

Perhaps we’ve underestimated Adam, however. Perhaps this wasn’t a Chernobyl-sized social faux pas but a carefully calculated plan to get out of family gatherings for the remainder of the summer.

Chess not checkers, young grasshoppers. After all, less family time equals more yard work time, and we all know how much Adam loves that.