Season That Sh*T

Jerry Jones dumping salt on his McGriddle is not being talked about enough

To this day, even the staunchest New York Jets and/or Rex Ryan haters would agree, the best season of HBO's "Hard Knocks" featured the 2010 Sexy Rexy-led Jets. It produced a cavalcade of great viral moments, and you could make a case that the best three moments we're all food-related.

For starters, you had Rexy shoveling M&M's down his gullet while the camera rolled in his office. Then you had the Jets' entire roster chowing down on Mickey D's while they were stretching out before breakfast. And finally, you had the epic "Let's go eat a goddamn snack" quote from Ryan, who had just got done berating the team for ... eating a snack on the practice field.

Fast-forward 11 years and there has not been a "Hard Knocks" season on par with that Jets one, but hopefully the always-entertaining Dallas Cowboys can deliver the goods this summer. We are already one episode in (the first aired on Tuesday) and, surprise, surprise, the early frontrunner for viral moment of the season is food-related. 

Yes, we know we're a little late on this one, but we also feel it's not being discussed enough. Here it is - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones just pummeling his deliciously sweet, syrupy McDonald's McGriddle with salt (McDonald's gets a lot of run on "Hard Knocks", evidently):

We certainly do not age shame here and I can PROMISE you we do not fast food shame either. McGriddle's are the cat's pajamas, and if you've never partaken in the McGriddle experience you need to at least do it once. Having said that, Jones, at 78 and not getting any younger, probably shouldn't be eating one and definitely should not, under any circumstances, be dumping extra salt on it. Whichever processed meat is on that one—it looks like sausage, which is the best one—already has oodles of salt in it, Jer. 

Then again, as one genius pointed out in the replies to that tweet, Jones is getting so old that the only way he can actually taste food is by hammering it with salt. We're guessing his doctor would disagree with that, though. Whatever, keep doing you Jerry. It's gotten you this far so why stop now.