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Jeremy Roenick catches a rattlesnake with golf clubs, continues to prove he's a total nut

November 22, 2017

If we were to compile a list of the likeliest people in the world to catch a rattlesnake with a couple of golf clubs, Jeremy Roenick would be No. 1. After all, this former hockey star is a man who once tried to tackle a gator on a golf course. For no good reason.

Still, seeing someone actually do it is impressive -- albeit pretty reckless. Check it out:

Hockey players have reputations for being tough and fearless, but still, what a nut.

Not that there aren't brave golfers, either. Cody Gribble gave a gator a love tap at Bay Hill earlier this year and John Peterson once told us his five tips for dealing with gators on the course. Maybe they could team up with Roenick for a series of reptile wrangling instructional DVDs. On second thought, maybe not. The fewer people trying this type of stuff, the better.