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Golf Haters Among Us

By Dan Jenkins Illustrations by Chris Van Dusen
June 25, 2007

In a recent poll taken by the Sports Marketing Group, it was determined that the 10 sports Americans hate the most are (1) dogfighting, (2) pro wrestling, (3) bullfighting, (4) pro boxing, (5) PGA Tour, (6) senior tour, (7) LPGA Tour, (8) NASCAR, (9) Major League Soccer and (10) ATP tennis. As you see, golf scored pretty darn well, notching three places.

I personally think golf earned those three spots, but first I think it's important to point out that if you let Americans vote on the 10 sports they hate the most worldwide, the list would look quite different.

My own ballot, for example, would read as follows:

As for golf scoring so well in the poll, it's no mystery if you break it down. My guess is, the 10 things people hate most about the PGA Tour are:

Then there are the 10 things you can hate most about the Senior Tour, Champions Tour, Senior Legends Champions Haven't Died Yet Tour, or whatever:

Finally, we have these 10 things that people hate most about the LPGA Tour:

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