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Dan Jenkins

Dan Jenkins is the senior writer at large for Golf Digest and a best-selling book author. He tries to keep Ben Hogan out of everything as best he can, but often fails.
Book Excerpt
Sports Makes You Type Faster

By Dan Jenkins

U.S. Open preview
Rewriting History

Now that the USGA has gone from 18 holes to two for U.S. Open playoffs, we look back on what might have been.

A Man and His Majors
Dan Jenkins: A Man and His Majors

By Dan Jenkins

Dan Jenkins: An Even Sixty

That's a lot of U.S. Opens and a lot of pressure—and I'm just talking about the typing Golf Digest June 2013

Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016
Dan Jenkins Savors His Moments With Arnold

They shared more than a pack of Winstons and a Coke

The Masters
If Augusta National Ruled The World...

Our man Jenkins on how things would change, from the presidency to airline food to litter removal

Book Excerpt: Unplayable Lies
How I Met the Ultimate Hustler

Some of the tales about Titanic Thompson are even true

The Golf Life | Humor
The First Meeting of the U.S. Ryder Cup Task Force

With these 11, how can America lose?

My (Fake) Interview With Tiger*

*Or how it plays out in my mind

Dan Jenkins
How I Met Six Presidents And Scored The Souvenirs To Prove It

His Ownself's new memoir includes flights on Air Force One, weekends at Camp David and rounds of speed golf with 41

Dan Jenkins
Birdies and Bogeys

The final word on a crazy year for Tiger, Phil, Rory and Sergio, not to mention horses, gators, squirrels and a stray streaker

Golf Tours & News
The Best Dan Jenkins Tweets Of 2013

Golf Digest's Dan Jenkins, aka "The Ancient Twitterer", on the highs and lows of this year's major championships

PGA Championship
The Best And The Worst Of My Soon-To-Be 52 PGAs

A year of my life covering the PGA Championship

British Open
The Best And Worst Of The Open

Your guide to all things British from the man who's ready for No. 45

19th Hole
To Food And Drink

After you've lost it on the golf course, restore your sanity at a post-round oasis

Birdies and Bogeys
The Year in Golf

2013 is going to have to go some to match the craziness of 2012

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